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    Dear Love City: I'm Joyce and I became a member on June 28, 2004 and found my true love on your service the very same day!!!

    His name is Danny and he answered my reply to his ad on June 28, 2004! We e-mailed each other for about about one week and then exchanged phone numbers. We talked on the phone just a few times before we met. We planned to meet on Friday, July 6 and the weather was about 90 degrees and very humid. Danny's car was in the shop but he was very eager to get to see me. He called in sick to work and had to take two buses and then had to actually walk 3-4 miles more to get to my house!

    I met him in my driveway with a big smile on my face and he leaned down and grabbed me up and gave me the best kiss in my entire life before we ever even said one word to each other.

    We've been together every possible minute since then and have set a wedding date of February 14,2005, Valentine's Day! We are ecstatic and very much in love and so glad to have found each other on your dating service. Thanks so much, JOYce

    I've been meaning to write you, but seemed to forget to do it. Would like you to know that in Nov. 1998 I was E-mailed by a girl who was surfing your web page. We corresponded for about a month, had our first date Dec. 6, 1998, dated continuously after that, went on a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas in May 1999, asked her to marry me, and we were married on Nov. 11, 1999.
    I thank you for your wonderful web site - we've found each other's soul mates...but it did take several contacts thru Love City. I never thought I'd meet a wonderful woman through the personals and we will always remember Love City as the avenue of our meeting. I thank you and regretfully request you remove my personal ad from your pages.

    Dear Lovecity,
    I met with my life partner in last year , on 10th of march . I'm from Turkey and My husband is from USA, after we met in the internet , he came to Turkey to visit on 8th of september in 1999 then we decided to get married, we got married on 9th of november in 1999 in california. Thanks to you, we are living in silicon valley and we are happy.
    Here is our wedding photo
    Berdan and John

    Dear LoveCity:
    I had used several other dating sites before I tried LoveCity and was about "worn out" on dating via the internet. But, I figured I'd give it one last try and joined Lovecity. I dated several very nice men all in the state of New Jersey as I wanted to keep the men local as long distance romances had bveen disappointing so far.
    Then I got a letter from Fred from Pa. He was looking into neighboring states and saw my ad and wrote to me. We met each other on the fourth of July and have been together ever since. We got engaged on Valentine's Day and are getting married on July 22th of this year and I'm moving to Pa.
    We are perfectly suited and couldn't be better matched if we wrote the perfect match for each other.
    I was so pleased with LoveCity that I encouraged my oldest son to join; now he enjoys dating girls from LoveCity. Once again, a million thanks from Fred and I.
    Betsy from NJ and Fred from PA

    Thanks to this wonderful service I met my husband-to-be only one day after I placed my ad. I placed my ad 4/23/00. He replied to my ad 4/24/00. We e-mailed each other most of the day. We talked over the phone on 4/25/00 and 4/26/00. He he proposed marriage over the phone. I met him in person on 4/27/00 and now we will be my best friends for life. Unbelievable? Yes, but it's true. We are certainly a match made in heaven because God finally answered my prayer. All I prayed for was for God to send me someone that could love me as much as I could love them.
    Thank you!!

    I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I met an absolutely wonderful man on your site. Mark and I began writing each other through your site in November. After a month or so, we decided that we definitely wanted to meet. This has been a god given gift. Neither of us had ever joined any sites like yours. He had joined the day before I did.
    We feel quite blessed. On February 21, Mark proposed to me. We are planning an Oct.7 wedding.
    Thank you for your service. It gave me an opportunity to meet someone at a comfortable distance and speed that excluded the exposure that comes with dating. P.S. Mark thanks you too.

    Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you. I met someone on your site about two years ago from Khabarovsk, Russia. Well since then we have been married and are expecting an addition to our family at the end of the year.
    I never thought I would meet my wife over the internet! I figured thats what geeks do (maybe I am one and havent figured it out yet :)!). Working as a flight instructor never really allowed me a lot of time off for socialising. Since then we have moved from Pa. to Kansas and I am flying for USAirways Express and have more time to spend with my new (and growing) family.
    If anyone wants or needs info on having a fiancee immigrate from overseas tell them to go ahead and EMail me. As long as papers are organised and complete its a piece of cake, with no need for immigration attorneys.
    Once again thanks!!

    I would like to tell you that I have met the man that I am going to marry at your site. He was one of the first responses that I received. We have fell in love and are getting engaged probably in the fall. Thank you for everything! I really do not want my personal or picture to be viewed or to receive any mail from anyone else. Again thank you. Joan

    Please delete my ad from Love CIty. I have met a wonderful guy who saw my ad in November and we have fallen in love and we are planning on getting married later on this year. Thanks so much for bringing us together Ray is everything I have been looking for. Thanks again Carol and Ray

    Dear Lovecity:
    You dear people are doing your jobs, because I have met the most fantastic man of my life. We are to be married this May.
    . So please chalk me up as a very happy and satisfied customer, but do terminate my membership. Thank you for your assistance.

    Dear Lovecity:
    You dear people are doing your jobs, because I have met the most fantastic man of my life. We are to be married this May.
    . So please chalk me up as a very happy and satisfied customer, but do terminate my membership. Thank you for your assistance.

    Dear Lovecity: Hi, it's me again, Susan from Connecticut, and I was the "Female Ad Of the Month" last month. You matched me up with the "Male Ad Of The Month", Rivak. Well....I cannot tell you how happy we both are. Rivak is from California, and I, Connecticut. We have been talking for several months, and Rivak flew out here two weeks ago. It was perfect! I, nor you had no idea that Rivak was originally from Connecticut, and it was really amazing. We had a wonderful four days together and he is flying back in six weeks. Rivak has job interviews already lined up, and plans to move here in the near months.

    From the bottom of my heart Lovecity, I cannot thank you enough. We were made for each other. I had been through a very rough divorce five years ago, and I took the time to heal properly and be patient without rushing into things. Rivak also has not settled on anyone, and has been very patient in his search also. This man is a blessing to me, and when the time comes for Rivak to move to Connecticut, we can start planning our lives together. Time and time again over our weekend together, we mentioned how Lovecity brought us together, and how proud we were to be the Ads Of The Month! We will always keep in contact with you, let you know what is going on, and will always thank you over and over again. I have waited a long time to feel this good about someone again, and I never thought that I would ever let anyone into my life again, but this man and you, have proved me wrong. Even though Rivak is thousands of miles away at the time, in our hearts we are comitted to make this work, and with patience, we will be together deserving of each other. Thank you for making me smile and for feeling "love" again. I have found the man I have so patiently waited for. You have given up both hope, faith, trust and most of all Friendship. Thank you!!! We will be in touch.
    Sincerely, Susan

    I am requesting that my ad # 1575339 be canceled immediately. I joined your service in nov/98, met, dated and am now married to the most wonderful man i have ever met! He is everything I have always dreamed of and more. Special thanks to the management and staff of love city for making my dream a reality in only 2 months. We met in dec/98 and got married on Valantine's Day, so once again, thanks a million!

    Dear Sir,
    You can let my membership expire. It is thanks to you that I found the love of my life!!! In August, after joining, I sent a letter to a man who was a member even tho he lives 220 miles from me. We finally met September 19th and it was instant attraction with both physical and intellectual chemistry!! We are now engaged to be married on May 29th! He is quiting his job of 25 years, taking an early retirement and coming to live with me in the Rogue Valley. I never thought I would meet a man with all the wonderful qualities Ron has!!! All of my single girlfriends are appropiately jealous!!!!!Thank-you for your service. I almost did not join when I realized there was a fee and now I state it was the best investment I ever made!!! Rena

    Just a note to say thanks! But I don't think I will be renewing my membership. After many many letters, phone conversations, and finally meeting my lovecity love, we are engaged to be married. We have so much in common it's scary. Right down to religion. Yet enough differences to add spice.

    After a painful divorce, I didn't think I would feel what I do now. More love, and intensity than ever before. There is hope for everyone. Don't give up, and most of all be honest. That is the key.


    Dear Lovecity,

    I'd like to share our love story with you and ask that now that we've found each other that you remove our profiles and cancel our memberships.

    Me: Cindy, member number 2548211
    Andy: member number 1575045

    Andy and I met through your service last November and started dating. We found that we had much in common and our relationship grew over the last 4 months. We are now living together very happily with our four boys (we each have two from previous marriages). We are both very pleased with your service and found that it was very easy, safe and interesting to meet singles our age through your service. I personally had belonged to a number to "dating services" on the internet and found your service to be superior to the rest. I have also had the opportunity to make the acquaintances of a number of men abroad and we have become "good email pals".

    Congratulations on the success of your service and I wish others the same success that Andy and I have experienced.

    Best regards,
    Andy and Cindy

    Married Lovecity member 2210719 on 11-01-99 (Jan 11, 1999) thanks to Lovecity! Never would I have met such a wonderful man had it not been for Lovecity. I will be joining him in Port Edward, South Africa in June. Never would I have met a man of such wit, intelligence, humor, wide knowledge, who was as urbane, sensitive, and so on...I am a happy and contented woman who would have had a hard time finding such a partner had I not had the world to search. Thank you!!!

    Didn't know how else to contact you to share the miracle Lovecity has brought into our lives...

    We found our soulmates here on November 12...
    We are nearly inseparable now and have come together at a time in our lives when we thought there was no more love to be found. Finding each other again has healed all of those past heartaches and wounds we were sure would never mend....bitter and cynical, we faced the world seemingly alone until now.

    He is "mi milagrito", "my little miracle", and we have Lovecity to thank. Neither one of us has ever had trouble meeting people... who ever would have guessed we would find "the one" over the Internet???

    We complete each other....we graciously thank you for our new life together.

    Andrea and Doug

    This is the other half of that letter. I didn't think that she would actually write to you..Actually, knowing her I should have known. Anyway, I also wanted to "Thank you" for what this medium has provided for "US". I have found the Most beautiful, caring, giving, loving person I have ever known and have fallen hopelessly in Love with her...You know, I NEVER believed in True love before, but I have to honestly say...I fell in Love with Andrea the moment my eyes glanced her way.....She is so perfect.. In our past, people have found us to be "difficult" to get along with. However, we have a unique understanding of one another, we understand where we have been, where we are going, and what we are all about. This is amazing considering I have only known my true love for 6 weeks. However, we both knew this after one date. We are both the type of people that would seemingly never resort to this way of meeting people. We are both successful, very attractive, honest people, but for some reason our paths never crossed until now.....and Imagine, those paths crossed here at Lovecity...... Thank you for giving me my new love and my very best friend..... Doug

    After first seeing LoveCity ads I quickly chose to join as there was one profile that I had great interest in. I sent her a very detailed note about my life and we very quickly met and hit it off so well. We continued to talk lots, write lots and meet every chance we got and now we are engaged for a Fall 1999 wedding. We are so happy and working together on the house that will be our home! Without LoveCity - we never would have met. We live in towns a few hours apart and neither is into the bar scene. So LoveCity - thank you for creating the opportunity for me to find the happiness I searched for all my life and finally found. I am very happy as is my bride to be.

    Hi there,
    Let me thank you for helping me find my Mr Right....
    I have had so much response from my ad In 'love City' it was very hard to choose.....But I managed to find the man of my dreams !!
    He is caring, loving, understanding and every thing plus more that I ever wanted...
    Thanks again...

    Please cancel my membership at Lovecity, effective immediately.
    Through Lovecity, I met George, formerly #1970368. We dated, and have become engaged to be married. My reasons for canceling my membership are, therefore, obvious.
    Thank you. I will be eternally grateful to you for him.

    I am happy to say that my cyberdating days are over. Thanks to your great service I have met an amazing and wonderful man. As I write this he is making me chicken soup to help me get over being sick and he is going to drive 200 miles to deliver it to me. I am absolutely nuts about him! Although I was skeptical about internet matchmaking at first and I had no desire to get together with someone a great distance from me, I could not have been luckier to stumble upon Lovecity. Had I not, I never would have met Kenny. I am both grateful and happy.
    Thank you!!!

    I think that I would be doing justice to my dear girl whom I found on your site within a week of joining this site if I remove my ad! I am thankful to all of you for creating this site which has led me to finding the most beautiful girl in the world with whom I am in love and she is all I think of.
    My prayer is that all who have placed their ads on this site would gradually come to finding the ones meant for them!
    Thanks again!

    Just wanted to let you know that really works. I found an old high school acquaintance via lovecity that I hadn't seen in 25 years. We met again in Santa Fe where I was living on August 19th ( he was still living in Kansas City). A few weeks later, on October 8, 1998, we were married in Lake Tahoe. We have never been so happy! By the way he just asked you to drop his ad but he couldn't remember his password-I hope you can do it anyway! So... THANKS a million! Dell Ann

    Dear Lovecity,
    First of all I have to thank you for making possible for me to meet the most wonderful man in this world. I asked you some days ago to hide my add since I had met a lovely man who I wanted to get to know better and dedicate all my free time to. Well, we have met and as strange as it may sound we are engaged!!! We both want to get marry soon and we are so much in love with each other. My life is wonderful right now and you are part responsible for it!!!
    Thanks a lot.
    Your friend always,

    I would like to tell you that your service is wonderful....the man of my dreams came into my life whilst perusing your ads and we plan to be married before the year is out.I thank you and I hope everyone is as lucky as I was........Dee

    Dear Lovecity,
    This is just a thank you note for allowing two beautiful souls to touch each other and to grow in love. He is from the United Kingdom (he placed the ad) and I am from Jamaica. We met via your site last February, went on a very expensive first date (as he travelled to Jamaica for the first time to meet me) and I travelled to England (first time) to be with him for a couple of weeks and to meet his family. We intend to get married early 2000 and it is you we thank so much for this love that we share (albeit across 4,600 miles of ocean). Thank you and keep up the great work!!!

    Thank you so much for your service. I would like to drop my personal message from the service because it worked! A fantastic lady did indeed respond to me personal message and we are having the time of our lives. What a wonderful way to meet that special person that we all know is out there but can't find. Thank you again and good luck with your service. Ed --- 406758

    Thanks Lovecity,
    You may take me and Angela (#2337502 ) off of your listings as we have found each other. We spent the most amazing Valentine Weekend together and are no longer in need of your services. Thanks so much, Michael(1599634)

    To whom it may concern, I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you have created, but I'm pleased to inform you that I have started dating someone seriously and will no longer require your services. If you kindly cancel my membership, my membership number is 2763885. Thank you. Sincerely, Jackie

    When my membership expires this weekend, please remove my ad from your site - not because it isn't working for me, but because it is working too well! As a result of having placed it I am now corresponding with seven wonderful and interesting men. I have spoken on the phone with five of them. I have now met two of them and will be meeting a third next week. I can't keep up!
    Thank you for your terrific service.

    A couple of things. First, is the good news. I met another member of love city a month ago. We're in love and in a committed relationship. We thought you'd like to know. It was the best money I ever spent. Where else can you get such a fantastic return on your investment?
    I changed my ad because I don't really want it out there. If you can't just take it out, could you at least not list my e mail address?
    Thank you!
    Gail member # 746169

    Dear Lovecity Staff,
    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us a method to meet potential mates. I have met a Lady in Colorado Springs who has become the center of my life. The challenge is now for us to figure out a way to work out the distance barrier between us. (I live in Calif.)
    I'm presently writing this letter from her home where I have spent five glorious days. The future looks bright for both of us together. We hope that more people out there in Lovecity will find their significant other as well. Thanks again !!

    First of all i want to wish you and your staff a very happy new year. Most importantly i want to thank you for helping me find my wife Elena. I went to Russia on the 21st and just returned after being officially engaged to Elena #1378676 of St Petersburg my # is 3203930 and my name is Arif Khan, We will be getting married as soon as her Fiancee visa comes through. Kindly remove Both our Ads and Profile from Love city. I thank you again and remain yours sincerely Arif

    Well, thanks to LoveCity, my love life is back in full swing... Mariana (#14498) and I (2072306 Don) will be setting a wedding date in the not to distance future.

    The Internet is really a great way to get to know someone before you have to jump into the dating seen. Thanks for all the work you do there.

    Marina and I were wondering if you can take us off the list. I hope you can, she gets about 200 email a week from it, and I can do without the competition. ;).

    Hi there.
    I just wanted to tell you that I'm no longer in the need of your services, since I met the man of my dreams. Thanks to you! He is a American who lived in Japan and I live in Sweden. We met eachother in person at Okinawa this summer. Now he lives here untill we can move to US Virgin Island next summer. Tanks again Cathrine (member 9081) and Gino (member 11932).

    Dear Love City,
    I will no longer need your services I found the girl of my dreams here on Love City.

    I am in the mid-west and found a girl down south, flew down there, met her and had a wonderful time there. She is coming here to spend some time with me this week. We fell in love and are planning on living together soon.

    I not only think your service worked but it worked well. I found that the people I did meet were wonderful woman. In one short week I had found the partner I was looking for. Thank you!

    It looks liks you've got another success story here. Myself and member 1942216 started writing, then talking on the phone regularly. I went to visit him during our vacation time, and while I think we liked each other before we met. There is no way either of us thought we'd be as happy as we were together after we met. We have some distance and family and career things to work out, but plan to keep seeing each other, get married, and have a life and family together.

    I must honestly say that I did not think this would work. I did it mainly to write folks. I like conversing with folks. I never thought it'd turn into love. But what's better is that I am treated the way that I've always wanted to be treated. He is a wonderful man, a kind man, an understanding man, yet at the same time a stable, solid, and strong man who can offer me the life I'd like to share with someone special. I am glad that by some stroke of luck both of us met, and without your site I doubt that wouldahve ever happened. So thank you! In love, happy, and looking forward to getting married and having a happy, sharing life with my love. Evelyn, Member # 1261101


    Hello there!
    Thank you for your brilliant service!
    Just wanted to write a note to you and let you know that yet another match was made using your service!! My friend and I we both are extremely happy together and grateful that a site such as Lovecity exist, without it, we would have never found one another. Thanks once again!!
    Now is the time to Remove my Personal ad + photo!!!
    My Member Number is: 1515259
    Thank you so much!!

    Just wanted to write a note to you and let you know that yet another match was made using your service. On a whim I placed an ad with lovecity in August of last year. I received several responses from interesting men, but none as interesting or fufilling as the one I received in November. Charlie answered my ad...we met in December and have been together ever since. We've found that we are perfect together, and plan on making this a permanent thing married before this year has ended. We both are extremely happy together and grateful that a site such as lovecity exist, without it, we would have never found one another. Thanks once again!!!!!!

    Dear sirs:
    With great pleasure I want to announce you that I found my soulmate! This is indeed, a miracle, thanks to internet. Due to this reason, I would appreciate very much if you could delete my profile from your club. Thank you for everything! Best regards from Bolivia! NEDA

    To Whom it may Concern,
    I am member 1806582. I signed up for this service on July 22, 1998 - and now on July 31, 1998 I would like to have my advertisement discontinued. This is a truly tasteful and respectful way to meet people and I thank you very much for this service. I have received many friendly and interesting replies - but I met another member a week ago, and things have just clicked. Call it fate, karma or luck - all I know is that I'm smiling all the time. Again thank you and I will surely recommend "Love city" to my friends.


    Really don't think that I need my picture done as I placed my add and in two days had seven answers within the state and two within 50 miles and am now dating one that is from my home state Ohio about 30 miles from where I grew up. Everything that I could have wanted and more. Could be the one that I have always looked for.

    I am sorry or happy that the service and I have had such a short relationships but that is life and you have in my case fulfilled your objective.

    Dear Lovecity,
    I am writing to you to request that you remove my ad. from your service. It worked! I have met a wonderful lady, and we have fallen head over heels in love. Thank You for providing such a wonderful service. I'm afraid I will not be renewing my subscription when next due!!! Member No. 2563346

    We would like to thank you for your incredible service. But it is our belief that we will no longer need it. My member numberr is 2139660 and my unbelievably gorgious soul mate has a member number of 86151. We are truely in love and don't think we will ever need another so we would appreciatte it if you would remove our respective ads. Thanks again.

    Dear Lovecity,
    Yes! I have met tons of interesting women with this ad! I really appreciate you providing this service! In fact, there is a young lady I'm currently very interested in pursuing a relationship with (she's interested in me too) that I was able to meet because she responded to my ad. Unfortunately for you guys however, I'd like to think things will work out between this girl and I, so hopefully I won't need my ad anymore. But, if things don't work out between her and I, you can bet I'll be signin' up again! Thanx! -Eric

    dear lovecity--

    my name is amy, my member # is 9265, and i want my ad to be taken off the market. here's why!! i think this story will interest you, and you might even want to use it as an advertisement of sorts. when i submitted my ad back in october, i will admit that i did it as something of a joke, not really expecting any responses and pretty much forgetting about it. well, a couple of weeks later, i heard from one of your members named brian, who said he was interested in my ad and wanted to get to know me better. right now, i am sitting in his room in japan, visiting him! furthermore, we are engaged, and plan to get married this october!!!! after getting his first message, we started emailing each other every day, and have been doing so ever since. in december, he flew to my hometown and we met for the first time, and it was nothing less than magic! we knew then that we were meant to be together. even though he is stationed in japan with the army and is 5500 miles away from me, we have managed to make this work, and we love each other very much. we won't see each other again until july, but then the NEXT time we see each other after that, in october, we will be getting married! we just wanted to let you know, because we owe our happiness to this dating service. it always amazes people when we tell them we actually met through an internet dating service, and, frankly, it amazes us, too. i was not a believer before, but i certainly am now, and so is brian. thank you so much, lovecity, for making our dreams come true!! :-)

    amy and brian

    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to use your "MOST INCREDIBLE DATING SERVICE". When I was surfing the net, little did I know that I would stumble accross your web site and that it would change my life. I have never placed a personal ad before, but for some reason, I felt compelled to do so and I am glad I did. I met the girl of my dreams. Unfortunately, she lives in Missouri and I live in Texas. She is 23 and I am 28, we have both never been married, we have been waiting for the right person that would compliment each others personality. We had gotten along so well over the internet and the telephone, we decided to meet. I purchased round trip plane tickets for her and her 2 children this past weekend. We did the family thing - which I really do not have any experience with, but quickly learned. I took them to San Antonio, Tx and did the Sea World thing, we went swimming at Lake Travis in Austin, did dinner, movies and many other exciting things. The weekend was mainly for her and I, but it really revolved around the children. Anyway, the weekend was a huge success. We are both in love with one another and we are making arrangements for her to pack up and move here within the next month. I just want to thank you for everything. This was the best investment I have made in a long time. An investment in my future.

    Sincerely, Jim (Austin, Tx)

    Hello Love City,

    I was member no. 11088 in Lovecity & I want to thank you very very much for having a wonderful husband on earth. He is from San Francisco California & I am an asian working in the Gulf. I became a member of Lovecity from April 29,1997 when my husband response to my ad. From that time I have a bunch of e-mail friends all over the world. Sometimes in a day, I recieved 19 letters but I do'nt know how fate brought us together. My husband first letter was the shortest one of all & from that letter the fairytale love story became into reality. We meet first time in the Phils. before the end of Sept last year 1997 & he cameback again to Phils. first week of October (while I was on holiday there) & he followed me to Dubai in less than a month to exchange Vows. We got married in Dubai last Dec. 6, 1997 after almost 8 months exchanging promises in the net & exchanging tel.calls 3 to 5 times a day. Now, we are planning to move on at the end of the year stay round the clock together.To have kids & start a happy family.

    Thank you very very much Lovecity... more power!!! Hope to have more marriages to come..

    I request that you remove from your listings the above insert. I wish to say firstly that it not due to dissatisfaction, quite the opposite. I have been inundated with e-mail that I can not cope with what I have , and also I may have found what I was looking for. I would like to congratulate you on the site and hope you will help many more people to find happiness.
    Should things not work out as I hope I will insert it again.
    Good job keep it up,

    Hello to Lovecity,

    Thanks to my ad in your listing with my picture I received two replies. I met both personally and I'm marrying the later one on Aug. 31. She is from Casa Grande, Az. and was browsing Lovecity when she hit on my ad. She emailed me the first time on May 26, 1997 and I flew to Phoenix and met her over 4th of July weekend. She came here to Kansas the first week of August and now we are going to be married at her daughter's home in Colorado and make our home here in Kansas.

    Thanks a Lot!!!!!!!!


    My membership number is 4139.

    I'm writing to request that you please cancel my membership. I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever; in fact, it's because I've got so much feedback through your service that I'm requesting cancellation!
    Thanks for running a great company, and keep up the good work!

    I have found someone to date from your dating service. I would like for my ad to be deleted from the services. If in the future I should like to rejoin I will contact you. Thank you very much. Member No. 720328 Again please delete my ad. The response to my ad were very nice men and I appreciate that. Again thank you. Mary

    Member number 2597317

    Please remove the above add, some feedback for you. I have been inundated with emails and have found your service the best on the net. However, I cannot cope with all the new mails and have found a group of guys that I like to chat to so please delete the add.

    Thanks again, you guys are great!


    Hello there from Canada. First of all, I cannot update or send letters because I have forgotten my password. Stupid I know but true. Secondly, because of your dating service, I am having a fabulous romantic time with one of your other subscribers. Thanks to you I may have met my match. We have seen one another a few times now and I am flying to Phili again tomorrow.

    Bon voyage from a very happy customer.


    Hello Lovecity,

    Thank you for your Dating Service system. I've got lots of emails and finally found a perfect partner from Sweden. We will get married soon. I would like to delete my ad in your service. Thank you.

    Member nr.11972.

    Dear Sir/Madam - Client services,

    I have had wonderful time with some members you introduced to me and I found one has become very special for me,I would like to stop my advertisement in your service and spend some time with him for a while see what will happen between us.If it going to work well,I will send you my wedding party invatation cards.My member number is :14900

    Thanks for your kind attention

    Yours faithfully,


    My name is Karen and my membership number is 36469. I am overwhelmed with responses that I can not keep up with. I have established many email pen pals and many which will in time will progress to be lifelong friendships or more serious relationships. I would like my ad to be taken off your site due to too many responses and not enough time to respond. Your site has been very useful. I will definitely keep this site in mind and may return in the future. This is a great site and will recommend it to many others. Thank you very much again.

    Karen :)

    Dear Lovecity,

    I placed an ad July 9, 1997 with you to help me to find a suitable suitor...and guess what? I found one! Rather, he found me! We began conversing via the internet and after a few weeks of this decided we wanted to meet face to face. Well, we liked the faces that we saw and have been dating since then. He is a wonderful man and we both feel fortunate. Who knows what the future will bring...we are just enjoying each moment that we have together. Thank you for providing the introduction!

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